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We have had a few customers refusing to wear face mask/coverings since it was made compulsory on the 24th July 2020. Not so much Crookes Shop but at one of our other shops but this post is going country wide.

One of the managers at one of our other outlets has had aggressive behaviour shown towards her more than once and one customer threatening to call the police because she refused him entry because he wouldn’t put a mask on. She pre-empted him and called the police herself.  

Be advised this abusive non conformative type of behaviour will not be tolerated. Anyone who fails to adhere to the rules will not be allowed entry and will face a £100 fine if the police are involved. .

Some people find wearing a face covering difficult because of disability or extreme
distress. These cards can help you explain why it is difficult to wear a face covering.
You can print the card out or store it as a photo on your phone.
 You can download an exemption card from the link below.



  • Face masks are compulsory in shops and supermarkets, as well as banks, building societies, takeaways and sandwich shops, the Government have announced. From August 8 the rule will also apply to places of worship, cinemas and museum


  • Visiting post offices, shopping centres and passing through transport hubs will also require people to wear face covering, including at train stations, airports.

    Anyone who fails to adhere to the new rules will face a £100 fine.

    Help us to help you.  Were all in the same boat and the last thing we want or need is another lockdown. The next time there may not be shops to come back to.


    Fable Charity Trustees.