You can support fable by making a one off financial donation or if you want to continually support the charity by making a monthly donation, we do have a standing order scheme in place.

Fable appreciate that it is not always possible for people to make substantial financial donations to our cause, however if you can spare anything from £2.00 per month we can accept standing orders on a monthly basis.  If this is a way you would like to support the work we do please contact a member of the fundraising team for a ‘Stand Up 4 Epilepsy Monthly Standing Order Form.’   How ever small the amount is that you can afford it all helps to make a difference.

If you are lucky enough to be in a financial position to donate a one off sum of money again however small or large, we can accept your support through any of the following:-

  • Justgiving Account – We have our very own just giving page which allows you to make donations online or set up your own individual fundraising justgiving site.  All the money is paid directly into the charity’s bank account and gift aid is claimed on our behalf.   Please follow the link to our dedicated fable page via our home page
  • Cheque or Postal Order – We can accept cheque's and postal orders made payable to FABLE by sending them to our Head Office, 37- 39 Bedford Street, Sheffield, S6 3BT
  • PayPal – We can receive funds via PayPal, if this is something you would like to do please contact a member of the fundraising team for further information.
  • Bank Transfer or Branch Credit – If you would like to make a bank transfer direct into our bank account or pay a sum of money in to any Lloyds TSB Bank, please contact a member of the fundraising team who will be more than happy to give you the necessary information to make this possible.

  • Matched Giving - Often companies match the fundraising efforts of their employees by making a company contribution to our cause. This is a really simple way to reinforce company support and demonstrate good corporate citizenship. If the matching is £ for £ it can also be very motivational for employees – who will do their best to raise as much as they can. The many ways which funds can be raised are covered later in the pack.

  • Tax Efficient Giving - Donating a lump sum under a Deed of Covenant or under the Gift Aid scheme means that F.A.B.L.E can reclaim the amount of tax paid on the gift, thus increasing the value of the donation by a third.

All donations received via any method are acknowledge immediately in writing, and could possibly be chosen to appear on the website in our news area obviously with the donors permission.  If you would prefer to keep your donation anonymous then we will honour this and ensure that the donation is logged on our system and in our accounts and anonymous.

Many of our donations come from people who are celebrating an occasion for example a birthday, anniversary or wedding and prefer for guests to give to their chosen cause rather than receive gifts, if this is something you would like to do and would like information from the charity to give out or display we have a literature pack than can be supplied which includes all the information about the charity and what our current projects are. 

Legacies & Gifts In Memory

If you lose a loved one and you would like to make a donation to our charity in their memory there are many ways which you can do this.

You can arrange with your chosen funeral directors to request that donations are made to FABLE instead of giving flowers, the funeral directors can deal with this on your behalf and ensure that the donations are sent direct to the charity.  All donations received this way are acknowledged to the next of kin via the funeral directors.  We also have a dedicate page on our website ‘In Memory’ which we cover notes and photos from family about loved ones.

If you would like Fable to receive funds in the form of a legacy once you have past, then please ask the solicitor or professional who is creating your will to contact FABLE direct by calling our head office on 0800 521629 and we can give them all the information they need to include fable in your will.

If you need advice or information about creating a will, please contact us as we are working in partnership with a local will writing company who are offering a donation to Fable for each referred customer.

If you would like to request our donations pack or if you would like to discuss donating to a member of the fundraising team, they will be more than happy to assist you.